Conditions for the Vendors/Sellers


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  • You are required to provide the right and recent information about yourself.
  • To continue the transaction, you are required to provide the right bank account details and the residential address that help us reach you out in case of emergencies.
  • The store name should not contain the word Battva.

           Product Detail

  • The picture of the products you provide should be real. It should not be overly edited. Make sure the features and the color is clearly visible.
  • Sellers should mention the accurate and complete details of the products (example: size, color, material brand etc.).

          Alert Email

  • The sellers may receive an Alert email, if their product got 7 negative reviews by the buyers. But, if you get 10 negative reviews on your product you will no longer allowed to sell the product on Battva. For queries communicate on the seller support.


  • Battva take 5% commission from the seller.


  • Make sure you have the inventory in stock, if the seller cancels the order after accepting it, Battva will charge the fine of 100 rupees.

         Customize Items

  • If the seller is offering customize items, make sure to keep the item ready to dispatch in 3 to 4 working days. If the item is ready before the time inform us, the rider will pick the order to deliver it to the buyer.

         Payment Policy for the Seller

  • For all order (COD or prepaid) the amount will be transferred to the seller after the following deductions:
  • Commission
  • 25% Payment Fee (Dealt with Provincial Taxes).
  • Other service fees or Penalties (If Applicable)

The payment will be transferred to the seller in 5 working days, on the provided accurate bank details by the seller. If the weekends or public holidays conflicts with the dates of transactions, the payment will be proceed on the first business day.